We are a nation of people who love to cuddle with our pets.  It is undeniable.  Long gone are the days when pets were simply working companions.   Now, they not only cuddle with us on the couch to watch television, they snuggle with us in our beds.

All of this one-on-one time means that our furnishing and carpet will have the smell of our furry loved ones.

Seven Star Carpet Cleaning has non-toxic animal and children friendly solutions for the issue.

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We are a family business that focuses on cleaning your flooring with nontoxic and environmentally friendly agents.  Carpet and rug cleaning is a major part of having a healthy home.

Unlike fly by night carpet cleaning companies, we have invested a lot of hard work into our company.  We care about your cleaning results because we want your repeat business.  We clean all of our clients' homes as if it were our own.    We will remove fungus, chemicals, allergens, pet dander, and tobacco products from your carpets and fabrics.

We will deliver better than expected results!

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